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Hey Guys!

Back when I was getting into drifting (like 2008/2009), forums and blogs were the main source of news and information for our whole culture. I loved those times in drifting. Bunch of nerd ass keyboard warriors, but I want to bring some of that vibe back in the small way that I can!

So. Welcome to my blog.

My name is Rolando Alfaro and my brand BADCALL is a vent for my creative expression away from drifting. Since I was in middle school, another passion of mine has been sneakers and streetwear. So, it being the renaissance era for do-it-yourselfers, I decided to creat my own clothing brand. In 2015, BADCALL was born. 

Let's back up a bit though. Who the hell am I?

Well, my friends call me Rolo. I build and drift cars. I've got a degree in marketing from KU, specialize in content/marketing strategy. And I really like sneakers, and clothes I guess. All of that shit is like my life for real. 

Heres my first S14 in 2010. I was 15, Im 25 now...bruhhh.

So from 2010 to 2012, I drove a handful of events from local KCDrift events, DriftSTL events, to even some competition events in Colorado. 

Side notes from this photo above, that was my first competition event ever! Driftoverfest 2012. It was also the first time driving with big homie shredders Forrest Wang and Mike Pollard. I qualified 4th and then lost in my top 8 battle. But the S14 SR20 drove 11 hours there, ripped for 2 days, and drove back home. No issues, all with no passenger seat filled with tires. The good shit fellas. 

From there, I drove Midwest Drift Union Pro-Am from 2013 to 2015. 

Heres my slab posted up round 1 at Lucas Oil Raceway, my rookie season 2013. 

2013 was the usual SR20DET story back then, I kept having issues once I went big turbo and eventually popped ol girl. Then went LS. LS7 in fact! 

But first let's honor my fallen SR with a picture of it when it looked it best at least. 

Fun fact about my LS7 swap! Because my family was in the junkyard business, I was very comfortable parting cars out at the young age of 18. So I bought a wrecked Z06, parted it out, but kept the LS7 engine. Thing was a lot but I ended up parting it all out and making all but $1000 back on what I paid. So got an LS7 for $1000. But this story goes south though, keep reading. 

Meanwhile my daily through high school was a super stock HR 350z. I did a lot of streeting and even a few events in it like No Star Bash 2013 and some local stuff! 

Cause that 350z was so new and nice back in those younger days, I didn't really have money to build my S14 and get expensive "newer car" parts to make it what I would want. So I traded it for an S13 project that had literally all the parts I would want. OEM type x, 1jz vvti swap. It just needed to get put together and I got some cash on top for next season.

Being my family was in the automotive business, I've always had all equipment at my disposal to build my cars. Lift, paint booth, space, just had to do it. So I got the 1J type x car all done rather quickly. Motor did blow up first day I got the S13, but 2013 was rough all around and I got a new boy in there.

All the while I was still competing in MDU 2013 in borrowed cars. Shout out James Blair for the lend on this SR S13 hatch.

There were some rippers in MDU that year but I still got rookie of the year though! Not that it means much but I'm still proud. I missed an event but I did good at the ones we ran haha.

The end of of the 2013, I got my S14 done and LS swapped but kept having issues. Turns out the crank got bent in the wreck and it needed to be rebuilt. Heres me finding out I lost my balancer at LS Fest 2013. 

Shit ripped for a good second though! Heres me at a local KCDrift event where I believe the motor finally spun a rod bearing. But at least I drove with my boy Danger Dan. Before the internet fame!

So at the end of 2013, I had a blown up S14 and an S13 street car hatch that I thought was too nice to drift. I had to buy something else that I could compete in 2014 with and thats when I made the best decision ever. 

I got another Z. Matt Bengston's already Texas Pro-Am prepped DE Z. 

It was pretty hammered but it was a great deal and I love making cars pretty so it was light work! Mechanically it was perfect so just fresh aero, fresh paint inside and out, and moved over my wing and wheels. Bang. Lets fuckin rip. 

This Z was the best thing ever for me. I grew up streeting my 350z nearly every day so I felt so at home in the chassis. MDU was the funnest shit ever that year, the whole season back to back battles with ripper rippers Brian Peter and Dan Sommer. 

Finished 2nd place in Round 1 at gateway road course 2014

Got 1st place at Round 2 at mid america motorplex 2014

Then biffed my qualifying run round 3 at home at Heartland Park Topeka. Lost to Brian Peter in the Top 16.

Round 4, went out in the top 4 to Dan, I got dummy spicy and hit him last sweeper. 

I ended up finishing 2nd in the series and obtained my Formula Drift Pro2 License! 

So thats the end of 2014. FD License, 250hp Pro-Am Z, nearly completed maybe at the time pro-level LS7 S14. There seems to be a logical next step right? FD? 

But no, I decided pro stuff wasn't really what I wanted to do. I just wanted to finish college and build cool cars and drive fun events. I love competition and I'll probably do one here and there but really just building my life and later this brand was my real goal. 

2015 was just me driving super fun events like MDU Streets of Detroit, Gridlife Midwest, No Star Bash, etc!

Oh and I finished my S14!

I rep team rowdy in my heart. SOD 2015

This car ripped, but didn't really feel right. 

So like I said, it wasn't feeling right. Soon it started to get super hot all the time. The car still felt incredible so I tried upgrading the water pump, LS cooling tricks, nothing really helped. So alright next step, I need bigger fans. I install taurus fans. 5600 CFM boys! I wire them to go in front of the radiator as I thought I had room but ended up putting them as pullers. I take it out, still getting hot. I come back, wave my hand over the fans to see if they're pushing or pulling and BAM! My hand gets sucked into the fan. I lose a fuckin pinky guys. Not even joking. 

So. Thats honestly what created this brand. This months after this were pretty tough and life was going on at the same time as all of this car shit and it was a lot. I needed to step away from cars, I needed an outlet that let me focus on other passions I had. Streetwear kinda gave me some light and direction. My original logo pictured below, is supposed to be an "OK" hand sign with a shortened pinky. And subtly the logo is also a "b" and "c" for BADCALL. But at the time it reminded everyone of the aero brand Rocket Bunny so I hated it. Still hate it. But meant so much to me, I just had to roll with it. 

The brands literal meaning is "badcall". Like "maaaaan, that was a bad call." But also understanding that messing up is an important part of life and we just gotta keep moving forward. It's OK. In the grand scheme of things. 

Anyways from there, I found out it was a blown head gasket. We fix the car, I sell it.

I bought an R32 Skyline GTST and made it look nearly cool, it gets more low later :)

I then sold the 1J S13 hatch to go to Japan for 15 days. EBISU for 13 of them!

I got a super sweet SR S13 Silvia out there. $3500 man! what a time. I wrecked it on Minami but I drove my fuckin heart out. Learned so much in those two weeks. 

I made stickers for the trip, slapped em all over Harajuku as I took in as much as I could. Then used extras to see if i can scrape em off.

2016, I rebuilt my Z. Totally redid everything. 

Made it into Super Street, shout out my sponsors and Sam Du! 

Here's a video of that build! 2016 RAD 350Z Build Video

Back on the BADCALL front, I really started with just stickers and gave them to my friends and sold a few online. But didn't make any clothes until 2017! My good homie Marcus McDonald went to Vegas and shot some super simple logo hoodies on champion reverse weave blanks.

I also was doing some stunt driving for videos/commercials at the time as well as my own content stuff!

Link to a Wendys Commercial I drove for: Rolando X Wendy's

Finally got full Stance suspension on my R32 Skyline to match the Z and made it look real nice. I love 57DRs btw. 

Then I finally made t-shirts and went to a sneaker convention and sold none cause I refused to make BADCALL any bit related to cars and was selling to the wrong audience. Shout out to my boys that helped though. 

Through the years, I never miss a No Star Bash. Heres 2017 with the fam!

My late father loved Heineken so I did this shirt for the feels.

Late 2017, I directed my first cinematic video. High Stakes. Super cool project, no budget, couple homie volunteer shooters, and some illegal ripping. Link: *** HIGH STAKES ***

In 2018 I start rebuilding my Z again. Plus I sell my silver R32 and I buy the red Zestino R32 from California and drive it all the way back to Kansas!

Heres me stopping at Undefeated LA. 

Got home and instantly put my Regas on it. 

I got the car for a super steal and in my history, those bite me in the ass. Three weeks later I get t-boned at a stop sign. 

This was honestly a blessing in disguise. Don't get me wrong, I loved this car man. That drive back to Kansas City in it was such a good trip and I feel in love with that car. But. When it was totaled I had really only one thing to do. I had to live the brand I preach. Daaamn that suuuucks, but its ok. Keep moving forward.

So I did what this brand was made for, I turned a shitty situation into something positive. 

It turned out to be my most successful release thus far and proved to me that the brand should be automotive related. 

Heres the promo video my good homie Alex Hamby and I put together for the release! R32 Crash Collection Video

Stay Tuned for more, I went to bed.